Rewrite SQL code SELECT block to simplify logic

I am trying to rewrite this block with simpler logic if this can be done. I am using it within a larger SELECT statement and I think IF I can simplify this block, I might be able to improve performance of my query.

proj_catg_type_id, proj_catg_id and proj_id are all PKs in their tables.

select  t1.proj_catg_name
from    table1 t1, table2 t2, table3 t3
where   t2.proj_catg_type_id = t1.proj_catg_type_id
and     t2.proj_catg_type_id = 213
and     t3.proj_id = t2.proj_id


Without knowing the referential integrety rules and the logic behind the tables it is difficult to give a 100% correct answer. But just by looking to this statement the most simplified logic would be

select t1.proj_catg_name
from    table1 t1
where   t1.proj_catg_type_id = 213;

select t1.proj_catg_name
from    table1 t1 inner join table2 t2     
on   t2.proj_catg_type_id=t1.proj_catg_type_id
where t2.proj_catg_type_id=213
and t3.proj_id=t2.proj_i

maybe? is t3 used outside this subselect?

If t3 is a table outside the selct you showed, then this is a correlated subquery which you should not be using at all, ever! That turns your query into a row-by agonizing row cursor.

Use derived tables or joins to get the results.

You don't give me enough code to write a specific solution for your problem, but let me give you an example:

    , field2
    , (SELECT t3.field3 
        FROM table2 t2 
        JOIN table3 t3 ON =
        WHERE t4.somefield = t2.somefield)
FROM table1 t1
JOIn table4 t4 ON =

    , field2
    , t3.field3 
FROM table1 t1
JOIn table4 t4 
    ON =
join (SELECT field3 
        FROM table2 t2 
        JOIN table3 t3 ON = a
    ON  t4.somefield = t2.somefield

The first query runs one row at a time which is extremely slow. The second should give the same results but runs in a set-based fashion which is much faster. It is important to make sure the derived table has an a alias. You could also use a CTE.

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