Legacy Data File to Graph

My program should:

  1. Load a data table from a legacy raw data file.
  2. Provide an interface to display, filter, graph, etc.

My approach is to create an in-memory database as a DataSource for binding the filter controls, results grid, graphs, etc.

Question: What is the simplest way to define and populate this in-memory database?

Edit: I only have a minimal knowledge of LINQ. In the past, I'd always been able to just drag a database table or query into the form or webpage. Visual Studio would create the DataSet, DataTable, DataSource, etc objects for me.

... where do I define this structure (an XML file, in-code, wizard, drag and drop)? what data objects do I need? etc


You could create classes containing the necessary properties and then simply parse the file and populate those classes in-memory. Here you go, you've got an in-memory database.

I only have a minimal knowledge of LINQ

Here's a good start for you: http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/101-LINQ-Samples-3fb9811b

where do I define this structure (an XML file, in-code, wizard, drag and drop)?

If you want to store the data in-memory define strongly typed C# classes that match your data.

what data objects do I need?

That would entirely depend on what information you have in your file and you want to handle.

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