Java transparent PNG to clipboard

I´m trying to copy a png file to clipboard within a program and maintain its alpha channel when pasted in another program (e.g. ms office, paint, photoshop). The problem is, that the alpha channel turns black in most of the programs. I've been searching the web for hours now and can't find a solution. The Code I'm using:


public static void setClipboard(Image image) {
    ImageSelection imgSel;
if (OSDetector.isWindows()) {
    imgSel = new ImageSelection(image);
} else {
    imgSel = new ImageSelection(getBufferedImage(image));
Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getSystemClipboard().setContents(imgSel, null);

Is there any way to maintain the alpha channel in Java? I've tried converting the png to BufferedImage, Image, etc. and the pasting it to the clipboard, but nothing works.


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