md5_file comes up with a random pick between 2 results

Similair to this question here: php md5_file function with gif file? but the answer doesn't cut it for my situation.

On certain images I apply a md5_file to, there are a few (out of 20000) that give 2 different results on a random basis.

Example code:

$moo = '';
echo md5_file($moo);

Results in either: 673ec8b2f87df0b41ebc17bba85edd9a OR: 235bf518387d59b13a7c820abe73d5eb

I tried to play around with md5(file_get_contents($moo)); and similair versions of sha1, and sha256, but the ones I tried all come up with 2 different results on a random basis.

My quick echo test notepad:

$moo = '';
echo $moo.'<br /><br />';

echo '- '.md5(file_get_contents($moo)).'<br />';
echo '- '.md5_file($moo).'<br />';
echo '- '.md5($moo).'<br />';

echo '- '.sha1(file_get_contents($moo)).'<br />';
echo '- '.sha1_file($moo).'<br />';
echo '- '.sha1($moo).'<br/>';


Is this common and is there any way to avoid this?

Right now I'm stuck with a few dead images since 1 function places md5_file('my_image'); in my dB with a different name than the resize function saved md5_file('my_image); as.


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