How to build my own Android SDK

I work on my own android device which has many new APIs (but @hide decorated). My goal is to provide an android sdk to develop on it and use these new APIs.

So my questions is : How to build my own android sdk with these new APIs ?

If the @hide decorated is a problem, i can remove them (I don't have to respect the CDD)


You can use this command

make -j8 PRODUCT-sdk-sdk showcommands dist

here, you can a discussion about it :!topic/android-building/Y0xduZPWtUs

I think the concept of SDK is being misunderstood here.

If you want to release a set of code (API) on top of the Android SDK (Utilities, math libraries, what have you?) just mark your project as a library (Project properties -> Android -> Tick "Is Library") so other Android projects can link to it easily.

Upload the project somewhere like Github and spread the link so others can use it.

The best way to find developers in that low level is

For each device, they have a group of SDK developers.

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