Connecting to Shared SQS Queue using boto

I've run into a particularly vexing problem. I can easily connect to a native (one owned by my AWS account credentials) SQS queue using the boto SQS module. However, it appears AWS offers the ability to allow connection to non-native (owned by another AWS account) SQS queues using permissions. This is probably better described as a shared queue.

Is there a way to use boto to connect to a shared queue? I can't seem to find any methods or references in the boto code or documentation for performing such an operation.


I'm under the impression that what you need is Identity and Access Management (IAM).

The other AWS account can create an IAM user, with the selection to also create an access key for it. That provides a pair of access key and secret access key, not unlike the ones for the regular AWS account you normally access the API with. Now you could customize the exact permissions for this IAM user.

It's my expectation that when this new IAM user's access key and secret access key are provided to boto in a regular fashion (to aws_access_key_id and aws_secret_access_key), they should work as expected.

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