How can I print column sections from SQL to Java to CSV?

I have set up a MySQL database, my connection works, and I've somewhat got a handle on how to retrieve data from the database using ResultSet. The issue I'm currently having is that the assignment calls for certain columns from a few different tables to be printed in CSV format along with replacing some values that meet certain conditions; i.e., if the cost of a plane ticket for a particular flight is under a certain price, replace the cost with "LOW!" in that part of the CSV file. Here's what I've got:

public void generate() throws IOException, SQLException{

    FileWriter fw = new FileWriter("datamine.csv");
    PrintWriter out = new PrintWriter(fw);
    Statement st = conn.createStatement();


    //ResultStatements here



I know how to query the DB, and I think I can figure out how to union the columns from tables that I need, but that will just print everything in the column. Is there a way to iterate through the columns, evaluate the value for conditionals, and then append it to the output file?


You need a while loop, and an if test.

while ( {

    String airline = rs.getString(1);
    BigDecimal price = rs.getBigDecimal(8);
    if (price.compareTo(limit) < 0) {
    else {

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