composer and amazon php sdk

I am trying to follow the instructions here on downloading the amazon-php-sdk. In the last step it says To use it, just add the following line to your code’s bootstrap process.

require '/path/to/sdk/vendor/autoload.php';

What is my code's bootstrap process in this case?


Well, once you have added dependencies to composer.json and update/install the vendors, you are ready to use them.

Because, Symfony2 bootstrap uses composer autoload already.

To ensure optimal flexibility and code reuse, Symfony2 applications leverage a variety of classes and 3rd party components. But loading all of these classes from separate files on each request can result in some overhead. To reduce this overhead, the Symfony2 Standard Edition provides a script to generate a so-called bootstrap file, consisting of multiple classes definitions in a single file. By including this file (which contains a copy of many of the core classes), Symfony no longer needs to include any of the source files containing those classes. This will reduce disc IO quite a bit.

FYI: use-bootstrap-files

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