php stripping a particular result from an output

I am using php to grab a shell output that lists all the meetme channels for me. I just want to grab the Conf Num that has 0001 from the bottom up. In my example below, I would like to assign variable: $confnum="32";

Here is my code so far:

$output = shell_exec("asterisk -rx 'meetme list'");

echo $output;

Please help me take the results from $output.

Here's what you'll get when executing the meet.php file

[root@C1033-TF agi-bin]# php meet.php
Conf Num       Parties        Marked     Activity  Creation  Locked
67             0001       N/A        00:00:16  Dynamic   No    
28             0001       N/A        00:00:19  Dynamic   No    
65             0001       N/A        00:01:14  Dynamic   No    
42             0001       N/A        00:01:18  Dynamic   No    
32             0001       N/A        00:04:18  Dynamic   No    
* Total number of MeetMe users: 5

Please keep in mind that sometime there will be more than just 0001 Parties in the Conf Num. In the example above, I just want to grab the line:

32             0001       N/A        00:04:18  Dynamic   No

This is the last line that has 0001 therefore assign $confnum="32"; to it.

Any kind of help I can get on this is greatly appreciated.


You can use exec instead of shell_exec and iterate through the output lines:

$output = array();
exec("asterisk -rx 'meetme list'", $output);

foreach ($output as $line) {
   if (preg_match('/^32\s/', $line)) { //Check line starts with 32
      echo $line;


$output = array();
exec("asterisk -rx 'meetme list'", $output);

$lines = sizeof($output);    
for ($i = $lines -1; $i >=0 ; $i--) {
   if (preg_match('/^(\d+)\s+0001\s/', $output[$i], $matches)) { //Check line contains 0001
      $firstNumber = $matches[1];
      echo $firstNumber;

Okay, assuming Linux, you can do this purely in shell:

  • filter last line: grep -v 'Total number of MeetMe isers'
  • filter first line: grep -v 'Conf Num'
  • and print only one Conf Num: awk 'BEGIN{ result=""; } {if( $2 == "0001"){result=$1;}} END {print result;}'

So the whole code:

$output = shell_exec("asterisk -rx 'meetme list' | grep -v 'Total number of MeetMe isers' | grep -v 'Conf Num' | awk 'BEGIN{ result=\"\"; } {if( \$2 == \"0001\"){result=$1;}} END {print result;}'");
// $output should contain your data :)

Or use preg_match_all():

$output = shell_exec("asterisk -rx 'meetme list'");
$matches = array();
$result = null;
preg_match_all('~^\s*(\\d+)\\s+0001~', $output, $matches, PREG_SET_ORDER);
foreach( $matches as $match ){
  $result = $match[1];

In reaction to comment:

You should study regular expression syntax and meaning of \d and +. \d+ will match 0, 01 or 00000000000000000000000000000000 :).

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