Facebook fql can't get comments by post_id from comment table

Can anyone tell me why I can't get comments from comment table by post_id.

Access token is [redacted]

post_id is 100002553491860_419288394832940

The post has one comment, I can get it from stream table by fql: select comments from stream where post_id = '100002553491860_419288394832940', you can run it in graph api explorer: http://developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer.

Then I tried to get comments of this post from comment table, fql: select text,time,fromid,comment_count,likes,can_like,user_likes,id from comment where post_id='100002553491860_419288394832940', but it returns empty.

Any help is appreciated.


OK for someone may run into the same problem, finally I used stream table to get comments instead of comment table, fql: select comments from stream where post_id='%@'.

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