Generate Flash objects server-side with .NET

How can I create an array of Flash objects (for instance, Buttons) on the server-side using .NET, then stream them as binaries?

In essence, I would like to decrease the time spent on the client creating objects out of base primitives.


This can be accomplished with Flash Remoting. In the past I've used FluorineFX (, but it hasn't been updated in a long time.

You might also want to look into WebORB for .NET (, which is another solution for Flash Remoting. Unlike FluorineFX, WebORB is still being supported. However, the full version of WebORB isn't free and it looks like they won't tell you how much it costs unless you talk to one of their salespeople.

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Sitecore has a nice event queueing system that is persisted to a database.

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