Create interceptor qualifier thats ignore annotation value()

Is there a way to create a interceptor qualifier annotation that ignores the annotation string value for qualifying?

for example:

@Target({ElementType.METHOD, ElementType.TYPE})
public @interface Log {
    String value() default ""; // <---- ignore this

public class LogInterceptor implements Serializable {


@Log("message for this log")
public String interceptedMethod(String param) {

This doesn't work because the annotation value("message for this log") works as qualifier but I want to use the value() not as qualifier, but message log.


You can use the @Nonbinding annotation for that purpose. You can force the container to ignore a member of a qualifier type by annotating the member @Nonbinding. Look at the following example:

public @interface PayBy {
   PaymentMethod value();
   @Nonbinding String comment() default "";

Here the comment will be ignored when matching beans by the @PayBy qualifier. A reference to the CDI documentation describing this can be found here.

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