Windows Azure Parameters

Folks, Good Night! Can you halp me in this situation ? I search for two days, but I cant't find a way to do this ...

How can I pass parameters to read function in Windows Azure mobile service ?

In code bellow I call the read function , but I want pass Parm1 to manipulate in Windos Azure.

[itemTable readWhere:predicate completion:^(NSArray *items, NSInteger totalCount, NSError *error) {

I want in Windows Azure make something like this...

function read(query, user, request) {
var parm1 = query.parameters.Parm1;


Tks for help me.



If you're doing a read, this can be accomplished by calling MSTable's readWithQueryString method. For example:

NSString *queryString = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"param1=%@", @"myparam"];

[self.myTable readWithQueryString:queryString completion:^...

and then in your server side scripts you would acces sit using request.parameters.param1.


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