How to allow only Admin (or some user) to edit the pages in Rails?

I have a scaffold Finances and I just realized that it can be edited by any logged in user by going to /finances/1/edit

I have installed activ_admin gem but I don't think it is what I need. How to make sure other than admin (or may be some users) no one can edit finances resource type- I

EDIT - I found, is this best option or I still can do something better as it may be overkill ?

EDIT 1 - I went through this and have assigned role "admin" to user = User.find(1), everything went well upto "ability.can? :manage, :all" in console, which shows TRUE for user 1 and false for other users. Now I am not able to figure out what to do ? I can still see all users being able to edit the page even though I have added "resourcify" in the finance.rb model. Any help ?


Well, I personally use rolify for my project and love it.. but to be honest this is super easy to achieve by simply adding a column "admin" to your User model and having it default to false. When you want a user to be an admin update the attribute to true and then require the User.admin==true to access the finances edit action... You can do this by redirecting the non-admin user from the controller (within the finances edit action)

By the way if you're using devise for auth check out Devise before_filter authenticate_admin?

If you're looking to add sensible user authorization without rolling your own solution, definitely check out CanCan. Also helpful is this screencast by its author, Ryan Bates.

I'm not sure how your models are set up, but lets say your User model has an admin column, you can do the following:

FinancesController < ApplicationController
  before_filter :must_be_admin, only: :edit

  def edit


  def must_be_admin
    unless current_user && current_user.admin?
      redirect_to root_path, notice: "Some message"

You can add any actions needed to the before filter, e.g. before_filter :must_be_admin, only: [:edit, :destroy]

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