Can't understand what <>0 means

Hi I'm trying to understand a formula and write it in c# but so far I haven't managed to understand what this formula does, could someone please explain?

if(if(c57=> d57;g57;h57)<>0;(((if(c57>=d57;d57;c57))*100/11))/(if(c57 >=d57;c57;d57)));(100/11)))

what really gets me lost is the <>0, I've googled some time but so far haven't found what it does. Please could someone explain?


<>0 is the equivalent of "not equal to Zero"

In this case it may be equivalent to "not False", for example taking part of the formula:

if(c57=> d57)<>0

Evaluate whether C57 is NOT >= D57

<> means "not equal", as in ≠. Also known as != in most programming languages.

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