How to add menu to a Component Class?

I've just created a solution and added a 'Component Class' to it.

All I need is to add a menu to Component Class when it is in the componentbar of a win-form, like the ImageList component of .NET.

Can anyone help me?


I assume you are referring to the little tiny arrow that appears on the ImageList component when you select it and you see a list of options. That requires a custom ComponentDesigner.

Make references to:


Here is a simple little component example:

public class TestComponent : Component {

  public class TestComponentDesigner : ComponentDesigner {
    private DesignerVerbCollection verbs = new DesignerVerbCollection();

    public override void Initialize(IComponent component) {
      verbs.Add(new DesignerVerb("Say Hello", new EventHandler(SayHello)));

    public override DesignerVerbCollection Verbs {
      get {
        return verbs;

    private void SayHello(object sender, EventArgs e) {


For more information, see Writing Custom Designers for .NET Components

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