cant start nancy self host without admin rights

My app uses Nancy Selfhosting. When I launch it without admin rights I get a System.Net.HttpListenerException "Access Denied".

Here is the code:

static void Main(string[] args)
        var nancyHost = new Nancy.Hosting.Self.NancyHost(new Uri("http://localhost:80/"));

I have also tried different ports without success. Strangely, I dont get any Exceptions when launching a HttpListener that listens to the same Url. What could be causing this exception?


You will simply need Administrator permissions to run Nancy on your computer, or a user that is able to listen to a specific URL. This is to prevent malicious scripts from running services on your computer.

As an alternative solution you could take a look at this stackoverflow answer. It provides you with a simple way to restart your application with elevated permissions.

You need to set the self-host configuration to not rewrite the localhost route.

namespace NancyApplication1
    using System;
    using Nancy.Hosting.Self;

    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            var uri =
                new Uri("http://localhost:3579");
            var config = new HostConfiguration();
            config.RewriteLocalhost = false;

            using (var host = new NancyHost(config, uri))

                Console.WriteLine("Your application is running on " + uri);
                Console.WriteLine("Press any [Enter] to close the host.");

I found this out by trying and failing a bit, but this page explains the reason behind.

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