Why would I ever choose not to use the clojure 1.5 reducers feature?

I was reading about clojure reducers introduced in 1.5, here: https://github.com/clojure/clojure/blob/master/changes.md. My understanding is that they're a performance enhancement on the existing map/filter/reduce function(s). So if that's the case, I'm wondering why they are in a new namespace, and do not simply replace the existing map/reduce/filter implementations. Stated differently, why would I ever not choose to use the new reducers feature?


In response to the inital two answers, here is a clarification:

I'm going to quote the release notes here:

Reducers provide a set of high performance functions for working with collections. The actual fold/reduce algorithms are specified via the collection being reduced. This allows each collection to define the most efficient way to reduce its contents.

This does not sound to me like the new map/filter/reduce functions are inherently parallel. For example, further down in the release notes it states:

It contains a new function, fold, which is a parallel reduce+combine

So unless the release note are poorly written, it would appear to me that there is one new function, fold, which is parallel, and the other functions are collection specific implementations that aim to produce the highest performance possible for the particular collection. Am I simply mis-reading the release notes here?


Foreword: you have problem and you are going to use parallelism, now problems two have you.

They're replacement in a sense they do that work in parallel (versus plain old sequential map and etc). Not all operations could be parallelized (in many cases operation has to be at least associative, also think about lazy sequences and iterators). Moreover, not every operation could be parallelized efficiently (there is always some coordination overhead, sometimes overhead is greater than parallelization gain).

They cannot replace the old implementations in some cases. For instance if you have infinite sequences or if you actually require sequential processing of the collection.

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