Initializer element is not a compile-time constant - Referring a const block from a const struct


XCode 4.6.2 OSX 10.7.5


typedef void(^NMFooBlock)();

struct NMFooStruct {
    __unsafe_unretained NMFooBlock fooBlock;
typedef struct NMFooStruct NMFooStruct;

@interface NMFoo : NSObject



#import "NMFoo.h"

NMFooBlock const NMFooBlockConst = ^{};

NMFooStruct const NMFooStructConst = { .fooBlock = NMFooBlockConst };

@implementation NMFoo


yields a

error: initializer element is not a compile-time constant NMFooStruct const NMFooStructConst = { .fooBlock = NMFooBlockConst };

Is that the expected behaviour even though NMFooBlockConst is defined as const?


The answer lies here, I think:

However, this will work:

NMFooStruct const NMFooStructConst = { .fooBlock = ^{} };

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