Return only matched occurrences with strstr()

Say I have the following string:

$string = 'Great @jason I think @sally would love it too.'

I'm using:

$mentions = strstr($string, '@');
echo $mentions 

Which outputs

@jason I think @sally would love it too.

Desired output

@jason @sally

I just can't figure how to do this in php, in js I simply do:

hashtags = /\@\w+/g;
var matches = string.match(hashtags);

preg_match() in php returns a boolean, so the closest I can get is with strstr()... but returns the whole string after the first match.


You can use preg_match_all with that same regex:


$string = 'Great @jason I think @sally would love it too.';
preg_match_all("/@\w+/", $string, $matches);




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