persist () and flush() inside loop - Doctrine

I want to know how many times the ff: codes will make a roundway trip to the database.

foreach ($recipients as $recipient ){
        $received_email = new  ReceivedEmail();

$recipients is an array of User objects with One-to-Many relationship with ReceivedEmail

$email is an object with One-to-Many relationship with ReceivedEmail.

If for instance $recipients has five entities, does the loop generates a total of five trips to database? Or only one?

Is the above example the most optimized way to insert new ReceivedEmail records?



There will be generated one INSERT statement for each persist.

What is more, you can just display yours SQL statements for debug, just configure Doctrine for logging:

In your case:

                setSQLLogger(new \Doctrine\DBAL\Logging\EchoSQLLogger());

For many inserts you should consider the batch prcessing:

Hope I have revealed the problem.

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