json web service Get value from dynamic parameter's name

please i have this output from my json web service:


                 ..... },

What i want is to extract the value (which is now 206 but it can be another number). I am asking for your help to achieve this goal. Any help will be appreciated.


In case the resulting object contains only a single property with this number as its name, i.e.

result = {
    206 : {
    // no other properties here

then you can use something like:

var num = Object.keys(result).shift();  // "206"

Check the browser compatibility for Object.keys() method at MDN and use shim if needed.

If the object you look for always has a player name as value, try

for (var key in obj.result) if obj.result[key]["player_name") alert(key)

Or use jQuery

$.each(data.result,function(key,val) {

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