my url is url(r'^login/(?P<email>\w+@\w+\.\w+)$', 'login'), how can I get the url as /login

well, if my request path is, then I want to check whether the current user A has the permission to access the /admin/user/edit, when I use url = request.path, I get the url as /admin/user/edit/10.

But I want to get url = '/admin/user/edit' instead url = '/admin/user/edit/10'.So how can I get the correct url??much appreciate!!


Why don't you use the permission_required decorator above your view?

@permission_required('app.edit_right') # Fill in your permission    
def edit_user(request):
    #do stuff here

If the user (or the groups he's in) doesn't have this permission, then he will be redirected. Look for more info on the Django docs

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