How Can I Join On Two Columns with a LinkEntity in CRM 2011?

I am using a Link Entity to join a two entities:

LinkEntity pricelevelentity = new LinkEntity();
pricelevelentity.JoinOperator = JoinOperator.Inner;
pricelevelentity.LinkFromEntityName = "product";
pricelevelentity.LinkFromAttributeName = "productid";

pricelevelentity.LinkToEntityName = "productpricelevel";
pricelevelentity.LinkToAttributeName = "productid";

The above is joining Product and ProductPriceLevel on the ProductId attribute. I also want to add to the join Product.uomid on ProductPriceLevel.DefaultUomId

How can i do this?


If you are attempting to return a column for a linked/joined entity to be able to perform additional filtering on the client side, LinkEntity has a Column property you should use, for example:

new QueryExpression("product")
    ColumnSet = new ColumnSet("oumid"),
    LinkEntities =
        new LinkEntity("product", "productpricelevel", "productid", "productid", JoinOperator.Inner)
            Columns = new ColumnSet("defaultuomid")

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