Swap unix compiler flags with a shorter one

I've been running ns3 sumulations in linux and every time I compiled I had to type

g++ -Wall -o simulacija simulacija.cc -DNS3_ASSERT_ENABLE -DNS3_LOG_ENABLE `pkg-config --libs --cflags
libns3.16-core-debug libns3.16-network-debug libns3.16-applications-debug libns3.16-internet-debug
libns3.16-point-to-point-debug libns3.16-point-to-point-layout-debug libns3.16-csma-debug
libns3.16-csma-layout-debug libns3.16-topology-read-debug libns3.16-wifi-debug`

Is there a way to shorten the flags to eg:

g++ -Wall simulacija.cc -o simulacija -my_params

Thank you


The GCC compiler supports the @ notation to embed a sequence of arguments inside a file. Read near end of GCC overall options page.

So you could put in some file params.args the following lines

-I /usr/local

and just invoke

g++ @params.args  simulacija.cc -o simulacija

You could have a Makefile rule to build that params.args (e.g. with pkg-config etc...)

Actually, it is time to learn how to use GNU make.

Notice that the @ option is not understood by some other compilers like GCC handles it.

You can create a shell script myparams.sh that outputs your parameters:

pkg-config --libs --cflags libns3.16-core-debug [...]

Now you can run

g++ -Wall simulacija.cc -o simulacija `./myparams.sh`

(Don't forget to chmod +x myparams.sh)

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