Backbone and SEO cloaking

So I am building a page using Backbone.js that contains a jquery datatable and a panel with search options (to filter data in the datatable). Now that I would like this page to be indexed by Google or other engines.

The question is that, the search panel is created and appended using backbone views via Javascript, which means Google would not see that as the crawler does not execute javascript.

IS THIS considered to be an SEO cloaking? Will the website get banned?


No it is not SEO cloaking. It is very common to load data in this manner and search engines nor adword programs ban websites doing this.

(SEO cloaking is when you are trying to trick search engines in to thinking your site has data that it really does not.)

I think it could be considered as cloaking, will it lead to your site going down in google's results is another question...

You have 3 options if you absolutely want to avoid it :

All 3 are quite expensive in terms of dev/architecture, but google does not provide "real" support for applications today.

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