What .TXT representation of linebreaks within cells will be correctly imported?

When I have a line break like this (created by my program, or as in this example by Excel itself):

the Excel import wizard misinterprets it like this:

How can I avoid this failure?

The advice in Importing CSV with line breaks in Excel 2007 did not help.

Workarounds by post-import editing are unacceptable.

EDIT: Dragging the .TXT into Excel gives a different failure:

EDIT: Untrue. Expanding the row reveals success:

EDIT: EDIT: Replacing Tab with comma does not give success from File|Open or drag.

ANSWER summary: The given representation works - provided the .TXT file import is done by dragging not File|Open.


I created your file locally (thanks for hex dump!) and when I Import or File->Open the file I get the same results. However, if I just drag the file into Excel I actually get the expected line breaks. I then created a similar file directly in Excel and saved it as a tab delimited file and repeated the same process with the same results. So the fact that Excel won't correctly import a file that it creates leads me to believe that this isn't possible.

The next thing that I tried was replacing your tab with a comma and this actually worked for the File->Open scenario but not for the Import.

My guess is that Excel assumes that if you are "importing" text then it assumes it isn't in a correct and known format already. So I would suggest just sticking to CSV best practices.

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