MPMusicPlayerController with AirPlay?

I am creating an audio app which uses iPod Music Player, I need Airplay functionality. I also used RoutePlayButton in MPVolumeView slider. I don't have apple TV to test if it will work or not.

    MPVolumeView *myVolumeView;
    [myVolumeView setShowsRouteButton:YES];

1.) How can we add Airplay functionality to MPMusicPlayerController?

2.) How can we test the Airplay feature from the app, on which devices?

Please help. Thanks.


Follow these steps you check airplay without apple TV in iMac.

1) Download AirPlayer 0.28 beta application then install it. AirPlayer transform your Mac into an AirPlay-compatible display.

2) Now go to System Perferences and in there is select Sharing.

3) Tick internet Sharing by making WiFi On.

EDIT : 4) Make WIFI ON in device also

4) Now open AirPlayer 0.28 app and play video in app.

5) You will see airplay button in MPVolumeView as it will display names of devices which can support airplay and select your mac for airplay.

You r done. Enjoy........

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