No events for dynamically generated input tags

I have dynamically generated some input tags for a web application.

function FormElement () {

    this.formElement = $('<div class="formElement"></div>');
    this.formElement.append('<label for=""></label>');
    this.formElement.append('<input type="text" />');

    FormElement.prototype.addIds = function (id) {
        return this.formElement; 
    FormElement.prototype.addLabelText = function (value) {
    FormElement.prototype.addInputValue = function (value) {
    FormElement.prototype.addClass = function (className) {
    FormElement.prototype.append = function (selector) {

The appended elements do not seem to have associated click, select etc.. events. I read you can you .on(). I would like to associate all possible events to all types of elements in a general way. What is the best way to go about this?

Thanks everyone.


Suppose you want to assign a default behavior on click event for all inputs with a specific class, say 'foo':

$(document).on('click','', function(){
    /* your function here */

If you don't go this way and try the following:

     /* your function here */

then the behavior will be added only to existing elements, not to those added after the script executed.

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