Determine if a branch is remote or local (using JGit)?

Is there any way to determine if a branch is a remote or local branch (or both) using JGit? I have:

Map<String, Ref> allRefs = git.getRepository().getAllRefs();
Collection<Ref> values = allRefs.values();
for (Ref ref : values) {

which gives:


So newFeatureBranch is both a local and remote branch. Currently I check if ref.getName() contains "remotes/origin". But is there a better way to determine if a branch is remote or local?


The term "local branches" usually refers to refs in refs/heads. The term "remote branches" usually refers to refs in refs/remotes.

To list only local branches you use: git branch or git.branchList().call()

To list only remote branches you use: git branch -r or git.branchList().setListMode(ListMode.REMOTE).call()

To list both local and remote branches use: git branch -a or git.branchList().setListMode(ListMode.All).call()

The corresponding code from reads:

if (listMode == null) {
        refList = repo.getRefDatabase().getRefs(Constants.R_HEADS);
} else if (listMode == ListMode.REMOTE) {
        refList = repo.getRefDatabase().getRefs(Constants.R_REMOTES);
} else {
        refList = new HashMap<String,Ref>(repo.getRefDatabase().getRefs(

In git all branches are local ones. They all live in the local repository in .git/refs and are all just a pointer to a local commit.

What you call a "remote branch" is just a local branch created by git fetch.

How those "remote branches" are called is determined by git config remote.origin.fetch, which will usually simply tell git fetch to create a ref with name refs/remotes/origin/*.

Hence checking for the prefix of the name of the ref is exactly the right way.

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