Using multiple computers for number crunching

I'm currently running some computationally intensive simulations, but they are taking a long time to complete. I've already split the workload across all the available physical cores in my processor. What I'm wondering is how to go about splitting the workload further and assigning it to other computers. I'm contemplating buying a couple Xeon servers and using them for the number crunching.

The one big issue I have is that I'm currently running the program within Visual Studio (Ctrl F5) as there are two methods which I'm constantly making small changes to.

Any suggestions on how/if it's possible to assign the workload to other computers / if it's possible to still run the program with VS or would I need to create an *.exe each time I wanted to run it?


It depends on the problem you're solving.

You can use map/reduce and Hadoop if it's easily parallelizable, like SETI@Home.

You can use something like MPI if it's not, like linear algebra.

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