How can I make it to automatically 'rewrite' the .xlsx file I'm trying to save?

So, I have the following code to save the highscores into an excel file, it works, I only have one problem, it always asks if I want to rewrite the existing xlsx file, how can I make it to say automatically yes to it, or is there other way to save the xlsx file so it doesn't ask this question?

Imports EXC = Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel

Private Sub highscoreSave()
    Dim app As EXC.Application
    Dim ws As EXC.Worksheet, wb As EXC.Workbook
    app = New EXC.Application()
    app.Visible = False
    wb = app.Workbooks.Open(My.Application.Info.DirectoryPath.ToString & "\highscore.xlsx")
    ws = wb.Worksheets(1)
    For index As Integer = 1 To 11
        ws.Cells(index, 1).Value = lst_name(index - 1)
        ws.Cells(index, 2).Value = lst_score(index - 1)
End Sub


To suppress messages to the user use:

Application.DisplayAlerts = False


Application.DisplayAlerts = False

but don't forget to turn them back on before you exit your procedure...

Application.DisplayAlerts = True

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