detect user input language javascript

Is there a way to detect in which language user is typing in input/textarea field? I have seen such on facebook, If user starts typing in RTL language then cursor move on right side of input box. I tried to find but coould not see any idea, Thanks for any help


I had come up with a new, much shorter solution:

function isRTL(s){           
    var ltrChars        = 'A-Za-z\u00C0-\u00D6\u00D8-\u00F6\u00F8-\u02B8\u0300-\u0590\u0800-\u1FFF'+'\u2C00-\uFB1C\uFDFE-\uFE6F\uFEFD-\uFFFF',
        rtlChars        = '\u0591-\u07FF\uFB1D-\uFDFD\uFE70-\uFEFC',
        rtlDirCheck     = new RegExp('^[^'+ltrChars+']*['+rtlChars+']');

    return rtlDirCheck.test(s);

playground page

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