jQuery dynamic content loaded via Ajax

Hey all i am trying to close a div that displays when the page loads. However, doing this:

jQuery(document).ready(function () {
   jQuery('#moreDetailsTable').slideUp("fast", function () {});

Doesnt seem to close it when the page loads since its dynamicly being populated via PHP code using ajax.

The php that ajax calls looks like this:

echo '<div id="moreDetailsTable" class="widefat fixed comments">
    Testing this out<br />
    Testing this out<br />
    Testing this out<br />
    Testing this out<br />
    Testing this out<br />
   ect ect.....

I know the code work because i just do this:

jQuery(document).on('click', '#moreDetailsTable', function() {
    jQuery('#moreDetailsTable').slideUp("fast", function () {

And it slides up once i click on it.

How can i called the .slideUp since its dynamically populated and not on the page to start with?


Please see the jQuery.ajaxComplete() event handler. This will do what you want.


jQuery(document).ajaxComplete(function () {
   jQuery('#moreDetailsTable').slideUp("fast", function () {});

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