Complete change and adding of content in webpage

I am trying to create a web page that, when click activated, changes completely the content of a div element. I currently have some text and a video embedded in the div, and I want to remove that and add new content, such as links, more videos, etc. when a div button is clicked. I have not found much helpful information on this subject. Any help is greatly appreciated. Here is a link to a fiddle:

<div id="content">
<p>"Text, text, more text."</p>
<img src="#"></img>


Assuming you have something like this:

<div id="somecontent"><video ...><p>Video Caption</p></div>

You can use simple DOM scripting to select the element and replace its contents:

  var element = document.getElementById("somecontent");
  element.innerHTML = "<audio><p>New Caption</p>"

You would then tie this replacement to the onclick event of an input or a link styled to look like a button.

Hope this helps.

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