Tesseract and iOS error?

I'm using Tesseract in my iPhone app, I started from a sample app where Tessdata works. When I export the necessary libraries in my project I get the following error:

Error opening data file /var/mobile/Applications/56987B01-F4A8-480D-B209-3842452035E4/Documents/tessdata/eng.traineddata
Please make sure the TESSDATA_PREFIX environment variable is set to the parent directory of your "tessdata" directory.
Failed loading language 'eng'
Tesseract couldn't load any languages!

Obviously I've imported the 'Tessdata' folder as reference folder, but I can't figure out why I get this error. How can I solve it? Thank you in advance.

EDIT: Another detail: Tesseract works on the simulator, while fails on the device.


I've solved canceling and reinstalling the app on the device!

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