Git-tfs fetch and diff

I've been using git-tfs and been doing git tfs pull all the time. Now I'm trying to find a way to see diff before merging after git tfs fetch and can't find a way. git remote doesn't show a tfs repo as a remote.


git remote doesn't show a tfs repo as a remote.

That's wrong! When you clone a tfs repository with git-tfs, there is a tfs/default that is created. And that's the remote that are updated when you do a git tfs fetch. Consequently, you could do a git diff tfs/default to see differences between your master and tfs/default remote.

If you use git-tfs to manage TFS branches, there is even a remote for each branch...

Perhaps, you could even use the git tfs branch command to see branches informations (if you have a recent version of git-tfs)

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