Select Data According to a Partial Match

Let's say I have the following data frames and want to merge them.

df1 = data.frame(zipcoide=c(90001,90002,90003,66062,90005))

df2 = data.frame(sfc_code=c(900,660,800,400,500,100,300,350,310,450))

SCF Codes are apparently zipcode prefixes and I want to match the sfc_code with the zipcode.

Basically, if I'm given a list of scf codes, I want to select all those zipcodes which have that scf code.

So in this example, I want to end up with


I figure I could use the sqldf package to write a query to select based on " LIKE' %900% " but was looking for something a little more "elegant."



You want to return the all the zipcodes whose first 3 digits appear in your sfc_codes list:

df1[ as.numeric(substr( df1$zipcoide , 1 , 3 ) ) %in% df2$sfc_code , ]
# [1] 90001 90002 90003 66062 90005

Probably not the best example because all zip codes are in that sfc_code list!

But if we remove 660 then we get:

df2 = data.frame(sfc_code=c(900,800,400,500,100,300,350,310,450))
df1[ as.numeric(substr( df1$zipcoide , 1 , 3 ) ) %in% df2$sfc_code , ]
# [1] 90001 90002 90003 90005

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