string iterators are incompatible

Here is my sample code ..

    const std::string strSchemeEnd("://");

    StringConstIteratorType itScheme = std::search(p_strUrl.begin(), p_strUrl.end(), strSchemeEnd.begin(), strSchemeEnd.end());
    StringConstIteratorType  l_itTempConst = p_strUrl.begin();
    m_strScheme.reserve(std::distance(l_itTempConst, itScheme));
    std::copy(l_itTempConst , itScheme, std::back_inserter(m_strScheme));
    l_itTempConst = strSchemeEnd.end();
    if ( itScheme == l_itTempConst )

When I try to run the program, I find the following errors

    void _Compat(const _Myiter& _Right) const
        {   // test for compatible iterator pair
        if (this->_Getcont() == 0
            || this->_Getcont() != _Right._Getcont())
            {   // report error
            _DEBUG_ERROR("string iterators incompatible");

I face this problem a lot. Sometimes a workaround works and sometimes it doesn't. I want to know the cause of this "string iterators incompatible" error. Can somebody help me ?


The problem in this case is that itScheme is an iterator pointing to p_strUrl and l_itTempConst is an iterator pointing to strSchemeEnd. Because they are pointing at different strings it is not legal to compare these two iterators.

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