Transforming a long date string to a Date in R

I have a date variable that is formatted as:

25-APR-2013 PM

I have converted it to a character and tried to get it to format. I did use the help documentation for as.Date but it did not help me.

I am trying to find a solution to get this into a Date type of the standard %Y-%m-%d

[1] "01-JUN-2011 AM" 
[2]"01-SEP-2011 AM" 
[3]"01-SEP-2012 AM"
[4] "01-JAN-2013 AM" 

This is 4 out of 3.6 million.

I am open to any suggestions. Thanks


If you just want the date, then just specify that portion in the format argument:

as.Date("25-APR-2013 PM","%d-%b-%Y")
#[1] "2013-04-25"

If you wanted the full date-time, use as.POSIXct with a custom format:

as.POSIXct("25-APR-2013 PM",format="%d-%b-%Y %I.%M.%OS %p")
#[1] "2013-04-25 15:05:03 CDT"

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