traits with immutable paramiters in scala

I want to make the following example so that Collar is immutable

  trait Collar{
    var text:String="";

  class dog(val name:String){
    def bark()=  ...

    val snoopy = new dog("snoopy") with Collar;
    snoopy.text="charley's dog";

However when I try something like

  trait Collar(val text:String){

I get the compile time error

traits or objects may not have parameters

Is there currently a a way to do this? If not, why not?

Remember, a good dog shouldn't care when it has a Collar.


Not at all sure what your real question is, but perhaps this is what you're looking for:

trait Collar{
  val tagText: String    // 'val', not 'var'; left undefined here

class Dog(val name:String) {
  def bark()=  ...

val snoopy = new Dog("snoopy") with Collar {
  val tagText= "charley's dog"

Alternatively, Collar.tagText can be set with an initial/default value AND also be overridden where Dog is instantiated.

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