CSRF: Generate token for every request

Right now, we have csrf token per session. And adding this token jsp's using hidden field. following snippet gives only one per session:

token = (String) session.getAttribute(CSRF_TOKEN_FOR_SESSION_NAME);
    if (null==token) {
        token = UUID.randomUUID().toString();
        session.setAttribute(CSRF_TOKEN_FOR_SESSION_NAME, token);

and for every request,

//calls the above snippet and this time token will not be null 
String st = CSRFTokenManager.getTokenForSession(request.getSession());
String rt = CSRFTokenManager.getTokenFromRequest(request);

here, usings equals to compare the strings and returning either true or false.

my question is, what happens if I try to generate the token for every request without getting the token from session. And while comparing, I will get from the session and request. is this good idea or missing something?

Instead of using the above snippets, I will go with following

    //for every request generate a new and set in session
    token = UUID.randomUUID().toString();
    session.setAttribute(CSRF_TOKEN_FOR_SESSION_NAME, token);

    //get the token from session and request and compare
    String st = (String) request.getSession().getAttribute("CSRF_TOKEN_FOR_SESSION_NAME");
    String rt = CSRFTokenManager.getTokenFromRequest(request);


You'll want to flip around the flow that you stated above. After every compare you should create a new token.

One large drawback to token-per-request is if the user hits the back button in their browser:

  • User visits Page1 and stores TokenA in session.
  • User clicks a link to Page2, submitting TokenA. The app verifies TokenA in session and gives the user TokenB.
  • User hits the back button to go back to Page1, session information is not updated.
  • Page1 still only has information for TokenA, user clicks a link or submits a form to Page3 submitting TokenA, but the session only knows about TokenB
  • App considers this a CSRF attack

Because of this, you need to take great care of how and when the tokens are updated.

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