git checkout branch - now have duplicate

Now I have this

[root@RUSH pmtsystem]# git branch -a
* rush
  remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/master

The idea was to checkout remotes/origin/upgrade-to-mpdf56 but this went horribly wrong. Can it be fixed?


The right way to get a copy of a remote repo would be something like:

git clone -b upgrade-to-mpdf56

To put your local cpoy on that branch and merge your diffs do:

git checkout -m upgrade-to-mpdf56

Use Schleis suggestion to delete the local evil branch.

You should be able to do git branch -d remotes/origin/upgrade-to-mpdf56 As you can't delete a remote branch in this manner.

You can also edit your .git/config file and remove the entry for the branch there as well.

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