Bash: Find number in strings and add them

I have a text file title 'results' and it contains

[  PASSED  ] 11 tests.
[  PASSED  ] 590 tests.
[  PASSED  ] 1231 tests.
[  FAILED  ] 4 tests.
[  FAILED  ] 500 tests.

I would like to add the PASSED tests and store into a variable. Add the FAILED tests, add them and store into another variable.

How can I do this?


One quick way using awk.

Assuming your test output is in a file called test.out:

npasses=$(<test.out awk '
/ PASSED / { total += $4 }
END { print total }')

echo number of passing tests: $npasses

<test.out means awk reads from test.out.

/ PASSED / { total += $4 } appends the forth field to a variable called total, but only for lines matching the regex PASSED.

END { print total } runs at end of file, and prints the value stored in total.

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