Understanding authentication providers in Spring security

I am trying to understand authentication providers in Spring (3.1) and I have a question to what is really happening here. I know that I use the namespace that gives easier access to functionality and configuration in the security module.

When I have the following tags I get a provider manager which have a list of authentication providers. Now as I look at the AuthenticationProvider interface I wonder what kind of providers I get? Am I right that I get a DaoAuthenticationProvider? Do I get other providers and how is it able to find out which providers to register (if this is how it is done)?

        <security:jdbc-user-service data-source-ref="dataSource"  />


That's right you are going to get a DaoAuthenticationProvider with the above config. The documentation for <authentication-provider> clearly states:

Unless used with a ref attribute, this element is shorthand for configuring a DaoAuthenticationProvider.

The <authentication-provider> tag is parsed by AuthenticationProviderBeanDefinitionParser which invariably registers a DaoAuthenticationProvider injected with the specified UserDetailsService and other collaborators (passwordEncoder, saltSource, etc.).

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