Rails scope with 2 where clauses

I have a rails scope statement where I want 2 where clauses. (I will clean up the hardcoding when I've got it working).

This is in my workorder model:

  scope :laborok, where("wostatus_id NOT IN (?)", [231, 230, 8466, 8467, 232] ) and where("maxsynch = (?)", "N" )

The logic is if the workorder status (wostatus.id) is not one on the values and the workorder.maxsynch is equal to "N"


you can chain the where() methods:

scope :laborok, where("wostatus_id NOT IN (?)", [1]).where("maxsynch = (?)", "N")

Whatch out, I replaced your array of IDs with [1]! Here is the code with your array of IDs:

scope :laborok, where("wostatus_id NOT IN (?)", [231, 230, 8466, 8467, 232]).
                  where("maxsynch = (?)", "N")

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