How can I convert an array of hashes to an array of hash values?

I have an array of hashes:

[{"sex"=>"male"}, {"sex"=>"male"}, {"sex"=>"female"}]

How can I convert it to array of values:

["male", "male", "female"]


A generic approach to this that would take into account other possible keys:

list = [{"sex"=>"male"}, {"sex"=>"male"}, {"sex"=>"female"}]

# Collect the 'sex' key of each hash item in the list.
sexes = list.collect { |e| e['sex'] }

In this case,

[{"sex"=>"male"}, {"sex"=>"male"}, {"sex"=>"female"}].map(&:values).flatten

should work.

It takes an array from each hash, then flatten the nested array.

[{"sex"=>"male"}, {"sex"=>"male"}, {"sex"=>"female"}].flat_map(&:values)

arr = [{"sex"=>"male"}, {"sex"=>"male"}, {"sex"=>"female"}]

EDIT: As directed by @tadman. Thanks!

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