Regular expression in R

I am having some troubles with the regular expression in R. I use str_extract from the library stringr and my problem is :

test="word1 something word2 something word3 something word3"
temp = str_extract(test,'word2.+word3')
## [1] "word2 something word3 something word3"

The problem is that I want it to stop at the first word3, I don't want the last part of the string. Any idea please ? thank you very much

and if I have

test="word1 something word2 something1 word3 something2 word3 something3 word2 something4 word3"

and that I want to keep a 2 size vector like this "word2 something1 word3", "word2 something4 word3" thanks again


Change your regex line to:

temp = str_extract(test,'word2.+?word3')

Notice that I added ? which makes the .+ non greedy (i.e. it captures as little as possible as opposed to capture everything before the next term in the regex).

To extract all the occurrences, use:

temp = str_extract_all(test,'word2.+?word3')

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