Prefix headers in other IDEs than Xcode

The prefix header functionality in Xcode comes in handy quite often and I was wondering if other IDEs provide a similar functionality? Or is there even a way on compiler level?

I've been looking for this in other environments for quite a time and the only thing I could find were precompiled headers. But that's not really the same as you still need to include the header file in each source file.

So, does anyone know if there's a way to configure prefix headers in IDEs like Visual Studio or QT Creator?


For VC++ you can specify Forced Include File using option /FI on command line or through an IDE. An excerpt from MSDN:

To set this compiler option in the Visual Studio development environment: 1. Open the project's Property Pages dialog box. 2. Click the C/C++ folder. 3. Click the Advanced property page. 4. Modify the Force Includes property.

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