Browser incompatible issue with scrollbar

Can anybody help me with making this link compatible. there is a small gap under the scrollbar in Chrome, and IE.


I try to play with:


within the scrlDiv but it change the whole table


To fix what you have you can use overflow-y: scroll for the second div:

<div id="scrlDiv" style="padding:0px;height:112px;width:21px;overflow-y:scroll">

But I suggest to use only one div with scroll:

<div ID=DetDiv class="wrap" style="background-color:yellow;height:112px;width:200px;overflow-x:hidden" >

I'm not sure why you are doing the scrolling separate from the main div - you will have to coordinate them manually.

Anyway, it seems that the problem is the "overflow: scroll" on the "wrap" div. It should be:

overflow-y: scroll

I'm also not sure why you have inline styles on elements that have classes and IDs - easy to define them in a separate CSS.

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